Burntwood Agreement

Together, we have developed an agreement called Burntwood Town Deal that brings together ideas and projects already discussed to ensure a common approach. Since the late 1960s, the BNA has been the collective agreement in power for the AHC and the Hydro Projects Management Association and is the longest continuous agreement of its kind in Canada. The BNA, an extension of a collective agreement first negotiated in the late 1960s, establishes recruitment preferences – including priority for the inhabitants of the indigenous peoples of the North – as well as procedures for adjusting wages and certain benefits for the duration of the agreement. The agreement also contains provisions for the recruitment, transfer, mediation, training and retention of indigenous peoples in the North, and facilitates the hiring of indigenous peoples in the north by businesses in northern India. In October 2005, Manitoba Hydro and the Allied Hydro Council, a joint council of unions representing project workers, agreed to renew the Burntwood Nelson Agreement (BNA) – a No Strike/No Lockout agreement for all major northern hydroelectric projects that will begin in the next 10 years. AHC and its member unions are proud of their track record. Working year-round on remote northern sites is never easy, but it`s worth it – the legacy of these projects will benefit Manitoba for future generations. During the six years of construction, the Wuskwatim project created hundreds of jobs. They provided a number of opportunities for designated and unsted occupations. As work progressed, the demand for different skills changed and not all jobs were extended over a six-year period. Employment levels also varied from season to season, with figures peaking during the summer months, when warm weather provided the necessary conditions for some activities. The project is halted by the terms of the Burntwood Nelson Agreement (BNA), which regulates employment in northern hydroelectric projects. Workers are referred to the project employers in the following order: other Manitobans looking for work in the Wuskwatim project had to benefit from the Wuskwatim Employment Advice Service, set up by the provincial government`s employment and training branch.