Utility Franchise Agreement Definition

The revenue from the city franchise in Minneapolis was used as partially appropriate subsidies for energy improvements for residential or commercial customers, to purchase loans for customers in green areas (with below-average household incomes) and to attempt new methods of collective engagement. 2. the status of the applicant`s procurement and under-operating utilities, telecommunications, cables, water, sewers and other lines and equipment in priority rights along the proposed route; Many cities and counties also have large energy pipelines that carry natural gas or petroleum products through their jurisdictions. (These large pipelines are called “transportation pipelines” to distinguish them from the smaller “distribution pipelines.”) They raise specific issues and raise security concerns. They often pass through a considerable amount of private property because the facilities were negotiated decades ago, when the land was less developed. The regulation of transmission lines is under federal jurisdiction, but there are significant issues that need to be addressed in a municipal franchise for these facilities. Before a deductible under this chapter is effective and necessary, the fellow makes available the funds, bonds, credit securities or other instruments accepted by the city, in the form and content, required by the City of Yarrow Point or by an applicable franchise or any other city code, regulation, resolution or regulation. (Ord. 695 nr.

2, 2019) Except as stipulated in Article V, Small Wireless Deployment, all recipients are required to obtain licenses and pay all royalties for telecommunications equipment, as required by the regulations and/or decisions of the City of Yarrow Point. (Ord. 695 nr. 2, 2019) As long as the deductible is not extended, until current offences or breaches of the franchise fellow`s obligations or the requirements of this chapter, as well as all applicable laws, statutes, codes, regulations, regulations and regulations, have not been cured or until a plan containing corrective actions to be taken by the fellow has been approved by the City.